Our corporate services consider a variety of approach to event needs.  From 1 to 100, the service will always be tailored just for you. Our team of makeup artist and stylists are all professionals in their fields.  If your event type or need does not appear on our list, contact us, we are always ready to take on a challenge.


Ever wondered how the stars on the runway look flawless and take years off for the camera? Ever wanted to create smoky eyes and ended up looking like a horror set extra?


Let The Makeover Dolls show you the tips and tricks that only trained professionals have learned over years of training and experience. Whether you are planning an afternoon with the girls and want to do something a little “out of the box” or you are genuinely interested in learning those trade secrets that will allow you to recreate the latest look time and time again.


Let The Makeover Dolls come to you, set up shop and go to work. They will leave without a trace and leave you with some hints that will last a lifetime.


Price: Minimum 6 people per workshop, $65 per person.


Please call to customise your event.



Having an event that needs something with an edge to keep the guests entertained?


This is a service that will add an extra element of sophistication to your event, party or venue. What woman doesn’t want a touch up, a pampering or some cosmetic art during the night?


Let The Makeover Dolls add an edge to your event and ensure your guests’ look and feel their best throughout the evening. We can be as inconspicuous or as vivacious as you choose. Whether we are the main attraction or an addition to a well-planned function, The Makeover Dolls, all trained hair and makeup professionals, will add a touch of sparkle and a hint of hair spray to keep you all looking fabulous all night long.


Please contact us to help design a package for your event!


We are at that time of the year where business managers, marketing coordinators and HR departments are planning their end of year fiesta! The aim is to treat the guys and gals to an unforgettable evening that shouts, “I love your work and I want you to stay!”


Your team deserves to unwind and revel whether it’s because they made the project vision a reality or met and exceeded the elusive targets or simply held the fort together under the hardest year to date. No matter the reason, a treat is in order. 


The stocking filler makes the work Christmas party just that little bit more and better. Not restricted to the female team member, the package offers pampering pre and/or during your event. Everyone wants to feel glamourous and red carpet ready however not everyone is equipt with the skills and makeup brushes necessary to turn over a master piece. This is where you give the gift of “tszuj”, enter stage right, The Makeover Dolls!


Social media tags, tweets and #atworkxmasparty will be used like never before. Time to claim the fame! 

Please contact us here for your enquiry!